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Serial Entrepreneur, Paul Sternberg of Houston Offers Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Paul Sternberg of Houston |

Paul Sternberg, of Houston, TX, is a one-of-a-kind businessman who brings decades of experience, a passion for business, and a unique perspective into the classroom. Paul Sternberg began his journey when he graduated from Tulane University in 1987. Fortified with an educational background in business management and intrigued by the interworking of business, he decided to pursue business law. Sternberg earned his degree in the field nine years later when he graduated from South Texas College of Law. From there, Sternberg combined his skills as he became a successful serial entrepreneur. He dabbled in finance, advertising, market research, law, sales, and corporate legal negotiations. Now, after twenty years of doing what he loves, Sternberg is branching out to share what he has learned throughout his experience.

Advice to the Next Generation

Paul Sternberg, of Houston, TX,  has a variety of diversified business experience backing his resolve.  Asked to give advice to young entrepreneurs, Paul said: “I saw the eCommerce boom coming and quickly built my business model on what I call Amazon Proof businesses.” Amazon Proof businesses are businesses in which E-commerce sites will have little impact on now or in the near future. These are businesses such as nail salons, hair salons, dry cleaners, etc.

Paul Sternberg Has A Passion for Business

Paul Sternberg has always had a passion for the business that only grew with the knowledge he learned of its intricacies. Sternberg was always enthralled with business and the possibilities his studies awarded him. Throughout the years, he has maintained a growing passion for owning, operating, and protecting businesses. This is the type of enthusiasm he imparts to students, which shows that he not only has found success in business but also fulfillment.

Unique Perspective

Sure, this is because of the time he entered the field, yet, also because he was intelligent enough to advance with the times. There are people teaching students today that were either unable or unwilling to adapt to the metamorphosis of business innovation. Paul Sternberg of Houston is not one of these people-  that is why he brings a unique perspective to the classroom.