Online Reviews

Protect Your Business Online By Monitoring Posted Reviews

In today’s marketplace, no business or even nonprofit organization can ignore the power of online reviews. More than just a nice thing to have, positive online reviews may be essential for the survival of an entity’s reputation and viability.

Regardless of whether they seem fair, online reviews sway people’s opinions in support of or opposition to the credibility and value of a business or any organization. This is true for retail businesses, creative ventures such as artists’ studios, professional practices such as law firms and gig economy ventures, such as Airbnb rentals and Uber drivers. It is also true for community-based organizations, such as churches, schools and even city governments.

What should you do, then, about negative online reviews if you are a business owner or a person with responsibility for any organization? Sternberg Law Firm has answers and guidance, especially when negative reviews stand in the way of progress and favorable community relations. Attorney Paul Sternberg and our online reputation management specialists provide legal remedies for clients whose livelihood has been threatened by negative online reviews, slander and other negative digital content.

Get Legal Advice When Online Reviews Are Difficult To Overcome

Online reviews are increasingly important in the 2020s as consumers and citizens include more and more people who have spent their lives with computers and smartphones helping them navigate the world. Negative online reviews can be the death knell of any business or organization.

In certain cases, negative online reviews may not reflect authentic evaluations of quality. They sometimes reflect biases, vendettas and “cancel culture” efforts targeting a business or organization. Legal advice is essential when the stakes are high.

Speak With An Attorney

If you believe the negative reviews on Yelp, Facebook or anywhere online have unfairly harmed the reputation of your business or organization, ask our lead attorney or other team members about legal remedies you may have available.

Discuss actions that you could take – or that we could take for you – to remove or combat negative online reviews. Call 713-789-8120 or send an email inquiry.