Confront And Overcome Cyberbullying

The notion of bullying often conjures up mental images of schoolyard tormenters from one’s youth. In fact, it is not only students who suffer the effects of bullying, and bullying is increasingly prevalent online.

Learn how to identify and counteract cyberbullying that affects you, your family, your business or any community organization for which you have responsibility. Turn to Sternberg Law Firm for legal counsel and practical applications of cyberbullying bans.

Examples Of Cyberbullying And How It Affects People Targeted By It

Internet defamation can come in the form of cyberbullying which may appear as teasing, taunting or public shaming. It typically appears on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Being the target of cyberbullying can affect a person’s mental health and reputation. This is true for people of all ages and occupations. Cyberbullying may be subtle or overt. Questionable content may fall in a gray zone between what is legal and illegal while still causing great harm.

Does the concept of free speech apply to cyberbullies? Court case outcomes provide evidence that the answer may be no when people suffer harm unfairly through cyberbullying.

How Sternberg Law Firm Can Help

Our legal team can help you identify cyberbullying, preserve evidence of it and devise suitable legal remedies, such as:

Every cyberbullying case is unique. Customization is essential for putting a stop to cyberbullying and/or obtaining compensation or criminal justice.

Turn To An Established Online Privacy Protection Attorney And Law Firm

Attorney Paul Sternberg has been a leader in the field of online privacy and reputation management for years. He teaches continuing legal education (CLE) seminars on such topics. He is a published author of a book about managing one’s online reputation. He has a wealth of knowledge applicable to cases of cyberbullying.

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