Internet Defamation

Be Proactive To Prevent Or Fight Back Over Internet Defamation

Over the past decade, the changes in internet practices have evolved for better or for worse. Paul Sternberg is here to fight on your behalf against internet defamation.

Every business nowadays uses the internet to promote themselves, generate reviews or see the latest trends in their industry, whether utilizing email communication, online banking for financial purposes or marketing efforts. The internet is a very influential tool that can make or break your reputation in the blink of an eye.

If you or someone you know is suffering losses because of slanderous, defamatory statements on the internet, it is important to stay proactive. Depending on the type of information involved, the problematic content may spread to various websites creating a bigger problem. You need to take action immediately if a situation like this threatens your reputation.

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Defamation: Definition

“Defamation” is an announcement, written or spoken, that is inaccurate or misleading. Spoken defamatory assertions are often called “slander,” and printed defamatory assertions are called “libel.”

Defamation online includes content that is published online with the sole purpose of defaming a specific individual or business, and creates damage to the defamed individual or business.

Is Evidence Of Fictitious Content Required To Prove Defamation?

In the past, to prove that defamation occurred, you would be required to show proof that the content published online was (or is) indeed fictitious.

Seeing how it is nearly impossible to prove something is false without evidence, lawyers were quickly stumped on how to proceed with any removal or suppression efforts.

The internet enables anyone to distribute news on countless platforms in just a few clicks. Defamatory information made available on the internet can “go viral” and instantly reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of individuals.

That is why being proactive in your online reputation management efforts is crucial to protect your public image.

When Is It Time To Contact Sternberg Law Firm?

With the emergence of how today’s internet practices work, there are advantages and disadvantages to conducting business online. The ability to generate quick customer feedback and promote yourself in a positive light is a plus; however, there are negative pitfalls that can quickly hinder the overall success of your brand or personal reputation. These negative impacts can be seen through review platforms such as Yelp for businesses or social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for individuals.

Although nearly all websites are protected under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), there is a limit when it comes to the type of information that can be posted online. Posting negative, slanderous and liable statements to purposefully discredit someone’s reputation is against the law. If this has happened to you, attorney Sternberg and his powerful team of reputation specialists at the Sternberg Law Firm are ready to step in.

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