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Fighting Online Defamation: About The Attorney And The Law Firm

Sternberg Law Firm consists of attorney Paul Sternberg and his well-prepared team of online reputation management and anti-defamation specialists.

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Attorney Paul Sternberg

Over the course of two decades, Mr. Sternberg has taken a leading role in the fields of defamation claims, cyberbullying mitigation, revenge website removal and ameliorating negative online reviews. He has simultaneously built this law firm to provide people in Houston and beyond with the assistance they need to tackle online reputation challenges.

A Resource For Individuals And Businesses Managing Online Reputations

Attorney Sternberg has earned the respect of legal peers, cyber technology experts and past clients. Many have faced and overcome losses through internet-based defamation and other online hazards. Mr. Sternberg is known for his creative approaches to finding solutions that get results.

With more than 20 years of proven success focusing on internet defamation claims and similar issues, Paul Sternberg and his team of online reputation managers are ready to tailor a plan to the needs of any individual, business or organization.

Get To Know Paul Sternberg And Share Your Online Reputation Challenges

Aside from being an attorney, Paul Sternberg is also a successful author, real estate investor and talented entrepreneur. He understands the online interactions and legal concerns of people from all walks of life.

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