Revenge Site Removal

To Protect Your Online Reputation, Pursue Revenge Site Removal

If you have not seen revenge websites online, consider yourself fortunate that you have never been a victim. However, if you have fallen victim to a defamatory post on a revenge or cheater website, you know what devastating effects it can have not only on your professional reputation but also in relationships with your close friends and family members.

If someone is blackmailing you or trying to get back at you by using defamatory sites, please contact us today. Learn more about how attorney Paul Sternberg and his team at Sternberg Law Firm can assist you with your removal efforts.

Motives And Methods Of Revenge Online

Revenge websites are often created by disgruntled ex-lovers to post negative information about their former significant other(s). The posts can be in the form of blogs, photos or videos. They may come from a distraught ex-spouse looking to belittle their former lover by any means necessary.

The most unfortunate part about the phenomenon of revenge website creation is that photos and other content can be saved by users who simply view the article. This is done by right-clicking and saving to people’s computers or by screenshotting the page if they are on a mobile device. When people do this, we often then discover that the content spreads to more platforms. Other internet users may exploit the opportunity if the article appears “juicy” and is believed to drive more traffic to another webpage.

We take revenge and cheater content seriously and offer our clients a full menu of mitigation strategies for the removal of these sites.

All Revenge Site Removals Are 100% Guaranteed

To remove revenge and cheater website posts, there are more steps than you might expect that go into the process.

Revenge articles are often posted anonymously. Tracking down the individual who posted the content may seem to be nearly impossible. However, our team has developed effective methods for tracking down, locating and serving court orders to offenders as our aggressive way of combating unjustified online negativity.

We have a committed team of online reputation managers and content removal specialists who will remove these negative posts on your behalf.

What Should You Do First? And Then What?

The first plan of attack is to get professional help to have the content successfully removed from the website. We have done this for many clients. We can then follow up our removal efforts by publishing high-quality press release articles that speak favorably about you to flood out the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. A reputation rescue operation of this nature can essentially leave you looking like an all-star online. We will also defend you against the possibility of new negative content that could come up elsewhere on the internet.

Our team is dedicated to helping you with your case and restoring your reputation. Call 713-789-8120 or complete our online inquiry form to request a consultation.