Cease and Desist Letters

Cease-And-Desist Letter For Negative Business Reviews And Other Harmful Online Content

False and/or negative online reviews about your business can have severe negative consequences on your business’s ability to operate and can lead to a loss of opportunities and clients. Business owners are advised to immediately take legal action against a person publishing such online reviews.

To explore your legal options, discuss your negative reviews and other unfavorable content about your business with an experienced online reputation protection attorney. At Sternberg Law Firm, we help sole proprietors and other business owners confront and overcome negative online reviews through careful analysis of the facts and drafting of letters that get the job done.

Cease-And-Desist Demands With Teeth: Behind The Scenes

Our cease-and-desist cases often involve strategies that include the following:

  • Cease-and-desist letters: Such letters from lawyers representing a plaintiff can be an affordable, time-saving option. Cease-and-desist letters often get results without the expense of a trial. Your attorney might justify the cease-and-desist demand by citing alleged character assassination, intellectual property infringement, harassment or violation of a noncompete agreement.
  • Preservation of evidence: Keeping in mind that online information can change at any time, we diligently monitor and document negative information on websites, posts and social media forums. As needed, cybersecurity specialists and computer forensics experts partner with us to detect and preserve images of alleged harassment or libel in online reviews and other digital content.
  • Mock lawsuits: When a plaintiff that we plan to represent will be pursuing substantial damages, perhaps of $500,000 or more, we sometimes bring their case before paid mock jurors while refining the approach we would take before a judge and jury in an actual courtroom. Often, this method helps us hone our arguments and give the teeth that we need to arguments needed to make cease-and-desist letters and demands highly effective.

Let’s Consider Your Cease-And-Desist Case

Contact Sternberg Law Firm to schedule a consultation with attorney Paul Sternberg. Discuss the time-sensitive nature of one or more negative online reviews that threaten the viability of your business. Together, devise a strategy to put these troubles behind you through a cease-and-desist letter or arguments that might lead to a trial if it is justified.

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