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Can you stop someone from sharing your private images online?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Internet Defamation |

If you are like most people using the internet for socialization and career development, you are probably quite cautious regarding what you share online with others. You may have different filters that allow you to control who sees certain content, or you may lock down your accounts so that only those that you approve see anything from you at all.

All of your online image management efforts could go to waste if you trust the wrong person. Pictures or videos that you share privately or allow someone else to take could come back to haunt you if the other person shares that content. They can post it online for anyone to see or send it directly to people that you know, like your family or your coworkers.

How can you protect yourself from someone ruining your reputation because you shared something private with them?

Texas penalizes non-consensual sharing

While you don’t always have control over the pictures people take of you in public spaces or at social events, you do still have authority over images of you in a state of undress or an intimate situation. Your consent to share an image with a specific person or to allow them to take images of you is not consent to the distribution of those private pictures or videos.

If you can show that someone you trusted with intimate video or photographs shared them without your permission with the intent of doing harm to you, you can take legal action against the other party. The state may prosecute them for a misdemeanor offense that can lead to up to $4,000 in fines and a misdemeanor on their criminal record, and you may also have grounds to take them to civil court over the damage that their actions have caused.

Others should not use the internet to harm you

The internet has made sharing information easier than ever, and it has also created new ways for some people to abuse and harass others. You should not have to worry about damage to your professional reputation because someone else wants to punish you for trusting them previously.

Fighting back against online defamation, including the unauthorized distribution of private images, can help protect your career and your reputation.