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Paul Sternberg of Houston Provides Comprehensive Overview of Online Defamation Cases in New eBook

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Internet Defamation, Paul Sternberg of Houston |

As a legal attorney with decades of experience in defamation law, Paul Sternberg has witnessed the best and worst outcomes of online defamation cases. Through his Online Defamation and Website Removal Guide, he aims to prepare people against defamation attacks and provide insight into legal proceedings to give them the best chance of a quick and painless resolution.

Attorney Paul Sternberg understands the inner workings of defamation cases after spending years helping clients resolve online issues and repair their reputations following an attack. In his new eBook, Online Defamation and Website Removal Guide, he walks readers through the entire case process, from overviews of free speech in America to request the removal of a website, so they can apply what he’s learned in their own real-world cases.

In the pages of his book, Houston Attorney Paul Sternberg teaches readers about the sensitive and timely aspects of defamation cases as well as the potential for lasting damage. In this way, he instructs them to safeguard from attacks and helps them understand the potential for resolution in their own cases.

“Defamation cases are especially tricky and you have to pay attention to the details,” says Paul Sternberg. “So much depends on your online reputation today that an attack against your company or persons can be detrimental for years to come if you don’t make all the right moves on time.”

In the eBook, Sternberg uses language that is easy to understand, which is a tremendous benefit for readers who don’t have to navigate the tricky and often wordy legal terminology required for their cases. Instead, they get plain English descriptions and a conversational approach to large and complex legal topics.

Also in his book, Attorney Paul Sternberg uses plenty of real-world examples to help people understand components such as how free speech is upheld in courts, how online attacks happen, and what platforms are especially susceptible to online defamation. In these examples, readers learn how to best respond to different attacks and which immediate steps should be taken.

Excerpt from Paul Sternberg:

“Free speech laws encourage all citizens to express their explicit opinions and voice concerns to their fellow citizens. However, defamatory online comments (false, negative statements made over the internet) are unlawful by nature and are subject to persecution in many cases. In addition, online defamation may be perpetrated under an obscure screen name or else acted out completely anonymously, which may lead the perpetrator to believe they are exempt from punishment.”

Paul Sternberg’s Online Defamation and Website Removal Guide is broken down linearly, teaching readers about the basics before building on the process and walking them through a defamation case from start to finish. Making his material available in eBook form means Paul Sternberg can provide wider access to the information. As an eBook, those with smart devices, tablets, or digital readers can download a thorough study of online defamation cases quickly and easily. It’s also available for download directly to a computer in this format.

“Online defamation attacks have the potential to create lasting harm on your reputation, but with prudence and the information shared in my eBook, anyone can grab the reins on their case and steer it towards a satisfying resolution,” says Paul Sternberg.

The Online Defamation and Website Removal Guide is available for download today from (Paul Sternberg’s website or Amazon).