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Paul Sternberg of Houston Clarifies How Cyber Investigators Can Assist in Defamation Cases

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Especially those threatened or harmed by online defamation attacks. Below, he discusses why cyber investigators are useful allies who provide real value to defamation cases against anonymous posters.

Paul Sternberg of Houston, Texas uses tactful approaches and resourceful connections to help his clients restore their reputation following an online defamation attack. Defamation on the internet, he claims, is becoming a greater and more frequent threat to businesses, organizations, and individuals everywhere. With more dependence placed on the online reputation than ever, any attack made online (no matter how seemingly small or inconsequential) can have lasting, detrimental effects.

“It’s very easy for someone to pop up in an online forum or turn to their social media accounts to negatively blast another person or company, even if they did nothing wrong,” says Paul Sternberg. “Because the internet saves and stores pages, defamatory comments can linger and continue harming a reputation often for years to come.”

The internet provides a lot of anonymity to posters, ultimately providing a unique tool to defamers. Someone may use a fake screen name (or no name at all) to blast a company’s or person’s reputation in an online space where others will clearly see it and react. Those under attack from anonymous sources will need to turn to the help of qualified professionals like Paul Sternberg and cyber investigators to apprehend an attacker and achieve a resolution.

Cyber investigators are the best means to determine the culprit of an anonymous defamation attack online. They can obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of anonymous posters, which is like learning a computer’s unique identification number. Cyber investigators may then look to subpoena internet service providers to obtain subscriber information (such as contact information).

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When making defamatory attacks online, people can go to great lengths to keep their identity a secret. Without the help of cyber investigators, pinning down a culprit and holding them responsible for the attack is an immense challenge. This can, in turn, can allow the defamatory post to continue damaging a reputation indefinitely and will make it impossible to obtain compensation in court.

“Cyber investigators know how to leverage technology and the internet to obtain a trail back to the defamer,” says Paul Sternberg. “They can track down those who use virtual private networks, who sign up to forums with fake credentials, or use burner email addresses to attempt to hide their identity.”

Once cyber investigators have obtained enough information, they can uncover what internet service provider was used and any IP addresses that pinged in the time frame of the attack. This may even give them enough information to contact the attacker directly and attempt a cease-and-desist letter before asking web hosts to remove defamatory comments.

Over the years, attorney Paul Sternberg of Houston has helped many victims of defamatory attacks

overcome damage to their reputation and achieve positive, long-term resolutions. However, it’s only through the help of qualified cyber investigators that he is able to help those who come under attack from anonymous sources.

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